o u r . m i s s i o n
Bluebelle is committed to continually improving our environmental sustainability through reducing waste by choosing ethically sourced stock with highly recycled content, compostable packaging and recycling of material off-cuts where possible.
If you have any suggestions or questions, please get in touch.
p a p e r

As we are mostly a paper business and we are very conscious of our impact on the Earth, we only use papers that are FSC certified. This means that it is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests (trees planted for paper production) or from post-consumer waste.

Below are some of the paper stocks we use and their environmental certifications:

Recycled White - Revive Laser, 100% PCW Recycled content
Standard White - Strathmore Wove, made carbon neutral through wind energy, 30% PCW, FSC certified mix.
Letterpress White - Crane Lettra, a 100% cotton stock that is tree free (made from the byproduct of the cotton industry).
Colorplan Coloured Paper - This stock is FSC certified and chlorine free.
Gmund Coloured Paper - This stock is FSC certified and produced with 75% renewable energy sources.
COMING SOON Extract Coloured Paper - Made from recycled coffee cups


    p r i n t i n g

    We use a combination of different brands and print processes.

    Fuji Xerox - In 2000 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd made a commitment to zero waste to landfill of recovered products, which led to the establishment of recycling systems across the Asia Pacific region. This involves collecting products back from their customers that have reached their end-of-life, for reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. Since 2012 Fuji Xerox Australia has been achieving zero waste to landfill.

    Konica Minolta - Reducing Petroleum Resource Usage by Adopting Plant-based Biomass Material. By using plant-based materials for the wax component in all colours of toner-cyan, magenta, yellow, black-it reduces the use of materials derived from petroleum, a finite resource. 


    l a m i n a t i o n

    We suggest to clients (particularly corporate) to avoid laminating stationery. Even though this makes it more durable, it should be avoided as it cannot be recycled after the stationery has been discarded and so is destined for landfill.


    a c r y l i c

    As of the start of 2019, we are reducing our offering of acrylic items. Aside from striving to reduce our consumption of plastics, another reason for this decision is that acrylic is not be easily recycled through the domestic recycling process. We hate the potential of invites or menus ending up in landfill.

    We encourage you to consider a beautiful paper stock as an alternative to acrylic which are much less harmful to our planet.

    We do offer acrylic welcome signs and guest books, as these items are usually kept by you (the client). If you wish to discard any signage made by us, we are in the process of setting up a recycling program where we either reuse the raw material for a future orders or send off to our network of suppliers for recycling. Please email hello@bluebellestudio.com.au if you wish to discuss this.


    d i g i t a l . s t a t i o n e r y

    Another way to be more eco friendly is to opt for digital invitations. We are happy to provide artwork only (in JPEG or PDF format) to email to your guests or to upload to Paperless Post for sending.

    p a c k a g i n g

    We reuse all our bubble wrap and boxes from prior deliveries and recycle any courier satchels through the REDcycle program. Our own courier satchels that we post orders in are from Hero Packaging, which are 100% certified home compostable or you can put in your green bin (if your council permits). We are also changing over our greeting card range packaging from plastic slips to compostable cellophane bags.


    d e l i v e r y

    We ship all our customers orders with Sendle. Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service, and also a registered B Corp.


    d o n a t i o n s

    A new initiative at Bluebelle Studio as of November 2019, for every $50 spent with us, we will be donating to Team Trees.

    $50 = 1 tree planted

    If your order is $1000, then 20 trees will be planted!